Gruppo Teddy: in the world of retail since 1988

Gruppo Teddy was established in Italy with the wish to build something great: every day we bring to life new, creative fashion outfits everyone in the world likes, through our brands Terranova, Rinascimento and Calliope.
With over 800 flagships and franchise stores, Gruppo Teddy is one of the leading companies in men's, women's and children's fashion in the European clothing market. Franchising format 'on a sale-or-return basis' with Teddy means building relationships: our goal is to win any challenge together with our franchisees, just like a big family, with passion, dedication and expertise.

Our brands: Terranova, Rinascimento, Calliope

  • terranova

    Starting a Terranova franchise store means investing in a popular, trendy and young brand.

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  • rinascimento

    Starting a Rinascimento franchise store means investing in a brand synonym of a unique Made-in-Italy style, for women who love to be different.

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  • calliope

    Starting a Calliope single-brand, franchise store means investing in a glamorous, contemporary, international brand.

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  • terranova
  • rinascimento
  • calliope

A successful formula: our business model and retail franchise opportunities

  1. 1

    An overwhelming passion for fashion

  2. 2

    Our franchisee: our key business partner

  3. 3

    Investing in long-term relationships

  4. 4

    Developing our entrepreneurial spirit to serve customers

  1. Our collections are created to meet the needs of our customers: women, men, teenagers, children. Nothing is more rewarding than creating products that fulfill the wishes and expectations of our customers.

  2. Our company developed thanks to our retail franchising format ‘on a sale-or-return basis’ and to the entrepreneurs who chose our brands to start their business adventure. There are over 150 franchisees in 35 countries with whom we have been building our dream by making theirs come true for more than 30 years. Every day we are ready to listen to them, talk and discuss with them, because at Teddy we think that doing business together is essential, is a key strategy and is rewarding. For us, a franchisee is a key business partner with whom we need to work every day to achieve a common goal.

  3. The family-run model, the great financial position and constant growth, which is self-financed through the provisional net profits reinvested every year, combined with a strong international presence, are the best guarantee for any entrepreneur who aims at doing business with us with a long-term outlook.
    Teddy is a solid business partner also for any real-estate professional: reliability and strength are the features for which Teddy has been well-known for years, in Italy and abroad.

  4. “If you listen to your customers, you’ll never get it wrong”: this is what Vittorio Tadei, founder of Gruppo Teddy, always used to tell us. And we repeat it to ourselves every day making customer-oriented choices, based on customers’ needs, wishes and suggestions.
    What helps us to do this? A corporate culture based on a shared spirit of entrepreneurship and shared leadership, teamwork as well as a strong sense of belonging.

Franchisee from Italy and all over the world
  • “Our business partnership with Teddy means to us working with a company with a long history, a winning formula for entrepreneurs, close to franchisees and with a vision of the future”.

    Franchisee in Italy with 9 stores - Terranova, Rinascimento, Calliope
  • “The key to my long collaboration with Teddy is our relationship. We never had problems, we share a joint responsibility. Our common goal is to build something great, together”.

    Franchisee in the Philippines with 23 stores - Terranova, Calliope
  • “I have been collaborating with Teddy for more than 20 years. A sound company, ready to change and withstand the impact in difficult times. In time this relation has allowed us to become more aware of our own resources: now we compete with the market leaders”.

    Franchisee in Italy with 9 stores - Terranova, Rinascimento, Calliope
  • “After 22 years of “marriage” with Teddy, we can only say a lot of good things and be proud to represent the corporate group in Malta. It is a sound, professional, always innovating company. Thanks to their guidance we have grown so much and I therefore recommend anyone to work with them. Thank you Teddy!”

    Franchisee in Malta with 7 stores - Terranova, Calliope
  • “It is a privilege to work with a company like Teddy, a unique corporate group with highly professional individuals. You feel part of a company you know it is not like the others, you are aware to be part of an important development project, you feel proud of your work and your own development every day”.

    Franchisee in Italy with 9 stores - Terranova, Calliope

News from Teddy

  • The new distribution hub for a better customer service and a more sustainable business

    An overall investment of 70 million Euros using the most advanced logistics and cargo-handling technologies: the hub is located in Gatteo, nearby Rimini, and covers an area totaling over 79,000 sq. m and is a project looking forward to the future to build Teddy increasingly closer to its customers and more sustainable.

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  • Gigi Tadei Foundation: learning from the needy

    Our corporate social responsibility lies in the criteria and the values described in the Dream. This is what ispires us to support charities and non-profit organizations, one of the “whys” of our corporate group, one of the reasons for us to exist and face the market every day. «Man is an administrator of the goods he is given and not the owner».

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  • Vittorio Tadei and Adriano Olivetti: two great Italian stories from two small Italian provinces

    Teddy and Olivetti – two Italian business stories marked by the same Dream: building something great that could last in time, based on the sense of belonging and the shared vision of how a company should work, with a strong social and community-oriented mission.

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