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Be glamorous every day

Calliope is a brand offering a new, modern Italian taste.
We reinvent international fashion trends offering clothing collections marked by a punchy, but never too extreme style, which meets the needs and tastes of our customers. Thanks to Calliope, women, men and children can create their own personal fashion style, choosing among a wide range of basic clothing and colors.

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Product Selection

Calliope offer is characterized by a trendy, balanced product in line with the latest trends but still affordable.

Clothing collections are designed for men and women who want to feel naturally glamorous every day.


Calliope store looks like a creative lab where customers may get the right inspiration and create their personal clothing style in a natural way.

A unique store format where Italian taste for design gets a more international nuance. The large entrance door welcomes customers into the store and introduce them to a world of trendy fashion style. Inside the store, shopping paths are carefully designed to strengthen the contrast among the different shopping areas, creating a shopping space always in line with the latest trends. The store targets a wide range of customers as it offers menswear, womenswear and childrenswear total looks and accessories with an extensive choice of fashion proposals.

Location: shopping centers, town centers, retail parks, in market areas with minimum 80,000 inhabitants, sales surface covering between 500 and 600 sq. m, and stockroom covering between 100 and 150 sq. m., ideally included in the store area.

Date of Birth: 2005.

Type of products: womenswear, menswear, childrenswear (+3) and accessories.

Clothing lines: apparel, underwear, active sports.

Markets and Stores: 23 markets reached by a network of 121 flagships and franchise stores; one e-commerce platform in Italy.

Retail franchising formula: on a sale-or-return basis.

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Inspire me!
Customer experience

Customer experience

Customer experience is a key element to Calliope brand. Every detail is carefully designed: music, scent, communication… The goal is to inspire customers in their search for their own fashion style.

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Calliope Customer Experience: Loyalty Program and omnichannel services.

Loyalty Program

The Glam Card, which was launched in 2015, wins more and more customers every day. Calliope Loyalty Program is based on a simple pattern: rewarding those who choose to buy Calliope total look, with a €5 discount for every €30 spent in store. The card is rewarding for both customers and the company, as it helps the latter to collect useful and insightful data to drive the business better and know consumers better, thus increasing their average basket spend year after year. The Glam Card is much more than a Loyalty Program: it is a unique opportunity to build a relationship with your own customers.

Omnichannel Services

According to Calliope, customers must be able to take advantage of any service in any touchpoint with the brand.

Therefore, Calliope customers can:

  • return to the store items they purchased online;
  • collect in store, for free, the items purchased online;
Our retail franchising format

Sales strategies, staff training, collections always in line with the latest trends and much more. Run your own Calliope franchise store!

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Our ‘Sale-or-Return’ retail franchising format: main features
Our Sale-or-Return policy

There is no business without risk, but our franchisees face calculated risk because they only pay for what they sell, without the need to worry about unsold stock, which falls on Gruppo Teddy. Furthermore, it is Gruppo Teddy's responsibility to select samples and replenish stock, with the possibility for the franchisee to drastically lower internal structure costs.

Online franchise

In the countries where we run our Loyalty Program, franchisees have the opportunity to apply for the franchising format on online sales.

Guaranteed and constant profit margins on store takings.

One of the guarantees we offer our franchisees is their margin calculated on takings, which does not change even in the sale season.


Each franchisee can plan on a good profitability compared to the investment made, when considering that the burden of unsold stock does not fall on franchisees but on Teddy. The assessment of business profitability is calculated on the capital the franchisee invests to open a point of sale. Profitability expectations per year can vary between 20% and 40% of the average invested capital, depending on the features and the country of the point of sale.

Services offered to franchisees
Before store opening

Research and assessment of the location of the store.
Store opening planning and organization, including store interior design.
Continuous professional development for store managers at the retail training center.

After store opening

Marketing, Communication and Sale strategies.
Permanent Training.
Proprietary business software for the management of the point of sale (from register to stockroom) and tools for an effective management of store activities: stock replenishing, prices.

What we ask to our franchisees

Skills: knowledge of the market, entrepreneurial spirit, passion.
Qualifications and/or qualifying courses: not required.
Education or past work experiences: past work experience in the retail sector is an advantage but not essential.

How to apply and open your franchise store

Store opening investment: 450€ per sq. m including the purchase of furniture for the store and the stockroom, equipment and communication tools for the sales area, tech package, store design and planning. Further details will be given during the interview.
Maximum duration of the franchise agreement: 8 years.
Fees and royalties: no.
Deposit: yes, but it will be refunded when the point of sale will be opened.
Guarantees: yes.
Rent: to be borne by the franchisee.
Personnel Costs and Shop Management: to be borne by the franchisee.
Merchandise management and supply: to be borne by Gruppo Teddy for delivery to store (for EU countries) and to Customs (for extra-EU countries). Unsold stock will be collected at the end of the season.
Estimated time for the activities linked to store opening: from 4 to 6 months, depending on whether the store is located in an EU country or extra-EU country.


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